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Many companies around the world use and rely on the power of Chamilo LMS.

What do our users have to say about Chamilo?

"In March 2011, we had to find a solution for the everlasting “problem” of new employees and freelancers. How to teach them the fundamentals of our company, how WE do things, or how our customers w..."

Jürgen Rübig

Nürnberg, Bayern, Alemania

"One of the most valued features of Chamilo, and what is for us its difference with other platforms, is its clarity and ease of use for students and for the different administrative roles (including th..."

Sergio Blardony

Madrid, España

"From our e-learning department decided, in 2009, using a free software tool to hang our courses for doctors, pharmacists and nurses, because we did not own. We were mulling several options and decided..."

Marta Gómez y Verónica Borrego


The Chamilo project , free for education

Chamilo is an open-source (under GNU/GPL licensing) e-learning and content management system, aimed at improving access to education and knowledge globally. It is backed up by the Chamilo Association, which has goals including the promotion of the software, the maintenance of a clear communication channel and the building of a network of services providers and software contributors.

The Chamilo project aims at ensuring the availability and quality of education at a reduced cost, through the distribution of its software free of charge, the improvement of its interface for 3rd world countries devices portability and the provision of a free access public e-learning campus.

Latest publications

Chamilo LMS at #iLearningForum 2018 in Paris – France

Next January 23 and 24, another edition of the prestigious international Learning Technologies France 2018 event (# LT18France) is held, which also includes #iLearningForum 2018

Developing Chamilo with PhpStorm

At Chamilo, we have a very strict opinion on Open Source and Free Software. Our project was initially described as having an radical stance on Free Software

Chamilo 1.11.4 released

The Chamilo Association, coordinator of the open source learning management system Chamilo LMS, announces the publication of Chamilo 1.11.4.


The Chamilo Association is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the use of Chamilo free software and wants to ensure that it remains as a 100% free project.

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