What is Chamilo?

The Chamilo Association is a non-profit organization founded in Belgium in 2010, with its current headquarters in Spain since 2014. To respect its neutrality and non-profit form, he Chamilo Association doesn’t offer professional services to organizations that use Chamilo. These services are ensured by an official providers network.
The Chamilo project was founded in early 2010 as a result of a fork from another free software e-learning platform, meant to protect the fundamental openness and free character of this LMS. It inherits indirectly from the Claroline project, first published in 2001. Although very little parts of the code of Chamilo still reflect that ancient history, the project philosophy never really changed: Chamilo is still one of the (if not *the*) easiest e-learning platform to use, making it easier for educators all around the world to digitalize and formalize their course content, and easier for all to get access to accessible education, improving the world's social and economic growth.
The mission of the Chamilo Association is:
To improve education worldwide and to ensure the development of Chamilo software as an open source product which helps reduce the digital divide between rich and poor countries.
To fulfill its mission and achieve its objectives, the association is responsible for:
  • supporting and coordinating efforts to release new versions of free Chamilo software;
  • sourcing financial support for the continued development of Chamilo LMS;
  • coordinating everything related to the community of Chamilo: local groups, new projects, collaborations, studies, translations, etc.;
  • organizing events for disseminating Chamilo and free software;
  • ensuring that Chamilo remains as a free software whose primary mission is to improve education worldwide.
To achieve its objectives the association oversees several projects including:
  • Local Chamilo groups
  • Chamilo certification
  • A free campus
  • The Annual Chamilo Conference

Board of directors

The board of directors is elected every 2 years by a general assembly of effective members of the Chamilo Association.

Our community leaders

Otros cargos de responsabilidad

Al margen de la junta directiva, existen otros coordinadores y delegados que gestionan el día a día de la asociación: