How to try the software?

You have two ways to test the Chamilo software: from the web or installing it yourself. If you want to try from the web, you have to access the following url: http://campus.chamilo.org That is the direction of the association demo campus makes freely at your disposal to help you create your courses and carry out your tests. If you prefer your local machine to install the software, you must go to the “Software” tab and access the version you’re interested, download and follow the installation guide.

Can I use the software for a commercial project?

Yes, Chamilo is distributed under GNU / GPLv3 + so if you want to use the software to install on your server and provide payment services or charge for its use, you can do license.

How many versions/branches of Chamilo exist?

There are two versions of Chamilo LMS (Learning Management System) and LCMS (Learning Content Management System). Each has its own development team and each of these two branches have their own versions. You can see everything relacinado with Chamilo LMS here. You can see everything about Chamilo LCMS here.