The Chamilo official providers are private companies from different parts of the world which match a series of requirements imposed by the Chamilo Association to guarantee they know what they’re doing when working with Chamilo.

These companies contribute to the development of the Chamilo software, bringing patches, fixes, plugins, documentation, etc, which benefits the whole Chamilo community.

If you need professional help, these are your best allies.


Logo BeezNest BE

BeezNest Belgium

Belgium (English/French)
Phone: +32 266 20793
Provider from 2010
Development SaaS

Bâtisseurs Numériques

France (English/French)
Phone: +33 09 78 28 81 23
Provider from 2017
SaaS Content

Contidos Dixitais

Phone: +34 666 23 49 66
Provider from 2010
SaaS Content


Phone: +34 958 578 827
Provider from 2010
Development SaaS

BeezNest Latino

Latin America (Perú)
Phone: +51 1 7195191
Provider from 2010
Development SaaS Content

If you would like to ask for a quote to all our providers at once, you can do it sending an e-mail to

The maintenance of a virtual campus inside a company or institution is not an easy task. This is why, as an association, we always try to incorporate serious and rigorous businesses to our official providers list, so they can serve as support to those organizations that require external providers for their Chamilo-related services.

Our providers pass through a certification process that includes passing an exam about Chamilo LMS, the payment of an annual fee to support the association and the provision, before their inclusion, of code or other contributions (guides, videos, graphical design, etc.) for the benefit of the whole Chamilo community.

The providers listing above is our only official and approved list. We have created a stamp that will allow you to know when a company is an official provider. If you find a company or individual that pretends to be an official provider and is not in this list, please let us know!

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