The association

What is the Chamilo Association?

The Chamilo Association is a non-profit organization founded in Belgium in 2010 and whose official headquarters, since 2014, are now in Spain.

Its main mission is to coordinate the Chamilo community in two main ways:

To improve education worldwide and to ensure the development of Chamilo software as an open source product which helps reduce the digital divide between rich and poor countries.

To fulfill its mission and achieve its objectives, the association is responsible for:

  • supporting and coordinating efforts to release new versions of free Chamilo software;
  • sourcing financial support for the continued development of Chamilo LMS;
  • coordinating everything related to the community of Chamilo: local groups, new projects, collaborations, studies, translations, etc.;
  • organizing events for disseminating Chamilo and free software;
  • ensuring that Chamilo remains as a free software whose primary mission is to improve education worldwide.

To achieve these objectives the association oversees several projects including:

(Click on a project to learn more)

The Chamilo Association doesn’t offer professional services to organizations that use Chamilo. These services are ensured by our official providers network.

Chamilo is a trademark owned by the Chamilo Association brand.

Who directs the association?

Each member of the Chamilo Association every two years elects board to represent them and execute the project’s agreed objectives. This board consists of 5 members democratically elected by majority vote in the general assembly.

The board of directors is currently composed of:

Yannick Warnier

Yannick Warnier

Bélgica President
Co-founder of Chamilo project, Yannick has been a leader in the development of Chamilo at all times, leads his class with over 150 speeches at conferences in Europe and Latin America and the rapid development of a significant portion of its user community. Managing international business group BeezNest, is originally a software engineer with a focus on usability and internationalization.
Noa Orizales Iglesias

Noa Orizales Iglesias

Spain Secretary and communications coordinator
Co-founder of the Chamilo association with over 10 years experience in the field of e-learning, Noa currently runs one of the official suppliers of Chamilo in Spain: Contents dixitais. She is coordinating the information flowing between the various stakeholders in our community. She knows everything that’s going on in the association. And very talkative, you can contact her in English, Spanish and Portuguese-active Pro if you are looking for something in particular with regard to the Chamilo Association, if you want to become a member or if you want to start a local group of Chamilo.

Laura Guirao

Spain Treasurer
Designer / programmer, specializing in virtual classrooms. Partner of NosoloRed SL, official Chamilo provider in Spain. Co-founder of Local Group Chamilo Spain. Works with free software since 2003 and Chamilo since its inception.

José Arturo Mora

Mexico Marketing Coordinator
Research in Software Engineering, Big Data, e-learning and collaborative software; José Arturo has worked in promoting Chamilo and capabilities since the birth of this project as it is convinced of its benefits in improving the experience of virtual education. With over 10 years experience in the world of e-learning, currently directs the Laboratory for Educational Technologies (LearnTech Lab) Research Center in Mathematics (CIMAT) in Zacatecas, Mexico.

Alberto Torreblanca

Peru Coordinating research and development
Specialist Educational Measurement and Evaluation. Computers and statistics. He is head of the Evaluation section at the Central Office of Admissions at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. Teaching in courses related to education and information technology. Free software enthusiast and sharing, participating in various communities and associations including the Community Chamilo Peru, Peru Drupal, Agile Peru and the Peruvian Society of Mathematical Education.

Other positions of responsibility

Aside from the board, other coordinators and delegates who manage the day to day of the association:

Michela Mosquera Guardamino

Michela Mosquera Guardamino

Perú Coordinator for Latin America

Systems and Computer Engineering (2008), Diploma in Project Implementation E-learning (2010) and graduated from the Master of Edumatica and University Teaching (2013). Since 2006, Michela contributes to Free Software in Peru started its activities in the Free Software Community Garcilasina. In 2008 he founded, together with Engineer Yannick Warnier the Dkos Latin community and in 2010 founded the Chamilo Chamilo Peru and Latin community, communities, to date, continues to run. Michela specializes in project management and implementation of E-learning in Latin America since 2007 working in BeezNest Latino, official supplier of Chamilo and since its inception, one of the main contributors of the development of Chamilo project. His main interest is to contribute to education using technological resources in open formats. Free software and e-learning are the two main engines Michela; which is why we find it in almost all events related to Chamilo organized in Latin America. If you have something to contribute to the project and are in Latin America, do not hesitate to contact her.


Julio Montoya

Perú Core Developer

July is BeezNest web developer specializing in PHP; MySQL, HTML / CSS, JavaScript and usability. Absolutely knows every nook code Chamilo and is currently the “lead developer” of Chamilo project. You can communicate with him in Castilian, French and English. If you want to contribute code, Julio is your contact.


Irene Rengel

Spain Memberships manager

Irene Rengel is an IT proffesional with broad experience in different sectors such as tourism or teaching, that make her an ideal multidisciplinar collaborator. Inside the Association, she is in charge of the management and recruitment of new members. She is the one that allows the project to grow more everyday.


Want to join this association?

If you believe in this project and want to support it, you can become a member of the Chamilo Association. See page Become a Member for more information.