Technology partners

This page lists the projects which provide a substantial help in making the Chamilo project possible. We call them technology partners. Of course, it would be impossible to name all the technology/libraries/frameworks/code contributions that we use inside Chamilo. So we consider our free software development an equal contribution to those. We’ll cut the grateful mentions to this: Let us express them our deep gratefulness for their work which makes Chamilo possible. This page is rather about partners who provide a continuous active service, charging others for professional, non Open Source projects, and making a special effort so that Open Source projects flourish, without being crushed by the common costs of developing a high-standards software like Chamilo.

Development partners

We have been using Github for the development of Chamilo since day one, at the beginning of 2010. It has provided an incredible level of continuity of service and of innovation in the realm of code version control. This allowed countless reviews of the code and allows, through its API, connectors to many other services below.
PHP Storm PHP Storm
PHP Storm is just the best IDE we could find for PHP development since 2014, and we’ve tried a large number of others. Most of us are coding more than just 8 hours a day, so we really appreciate an IDE that makes coding easier and faster. It is still an issue for us that it would not be Open Source, but we believe that the overall drawbacks of using another IDE would be higher in terms of development for Chamilo, so all in all, it’s a small exception that we hope will not damage the respect we have earned from our community.

Software quality partners

Scrutinizer Scrutinizer
Scrutinizer constantly informs us about the quality of our way of coding. Although Scrutinizer is essentially an automated service, the team has been very responsive to our comments and suggestions. We could not ignore the amount of computing associated with analyzing the huge amount of code in the Chamilo software.
Travis CI Travis CI
Travis-CI thrives in the execution of automated tests. Our Behat tests run there (and some PHPUnit tests as well) on every commit that is sent to Chamilo. This allows us to find out early about any new change that would break an existing feature. The amount of processing to get there is huge. Although we tried doing that on a Jenkins setup previously, it just took too much of our time to maintain and diverted us from our real contribution to our community: coding!
Browserstack Browserstack
Being crazy about Open Source often puts you in weird circumstances. Like having to fix bugs that  happen in Edge and not having Windows around to reproduce the issue. Same thing with Safari Mobile on iPad. This is where Browserstack helps us a lot. Although we rarely use it, it would take us a ridiculously long time to put our hands on a Windows box ready for debugging, and it would distract us from real coding.