Emiliano Orizales

María Auxiliadora School

Emiliano Orizales Orizales

High School Teacher and Administrator of Don Bosco Virtual Campus

Lugo, Galicia, España


We use Chamilo because it is the perfect tool for the pedagogic environment we are involved in at our school; a primary and secondary educational center. Fundamentally, we have valued its simplicity and easiness, specially the fact that we can offer to our students a clean user interface without distractions, only with those elements that a teacher needs on along the course. We also valued that the learning curve is low for both teachers and students.

Website: Colegio María Auxiliadora

Sergio Blardony


Sergio Blardony

Project Manager

Madrid, España


One of the most valued features of Chamilo, and what is for us its difference with other platforms, is its clarity and ease of use for students and for the different administrative roles (including the tutor). The training offer of IFIDMA, which is mainly focused on continuing education of music teachers with courses approved by the Spanish Ministry of Education, was easily deployed with Chamilo allowing self-paced work. On the other hand, we also valued the possibility that Chamilo offers to include SCORM packages created with third party tools, since we have to deal with SCORM packages created with different tools.

Website: Ifidma


Het Perspectief PCVO

Koen Favere

Head Of The Innovation Department

Ghent, Belgium


Chamilo2 is very intuitive and easy to use. The basic concept is to publish content objects from a central repository (e-disk). More than 70 powerful content objects are available such as Documents, Assessments, Portfolio, Learning Path, External repositories. Also communication tools are readily available: Chat, Personal Messenger, Forum, Wiki. A great asset is that each user has a personal work area: an adaptable homepage.

In short: Chamilo2 is reliable collaboration software for the next generation!

Website: www.hetperspectief.net


Unidad Editorial

Marta Gómez and Verónica Borrego

Jefe de Formación y Coordinadora de E-Learning



From our e-learning department decided, in 2009, using a free software tool to hang our courses for doctors, pharmacists and nurses, because we did not own. We were mulling several options and decided to stay with Chamilo because the tool is clear, intuitive and easy to use, because our students are not experts in online. For technical support we hired Contidos Dixitais because is the Chamilo official suppliers in Spain. We appreciate the good service they have given us during this time that we worked together and highlight the speed and efficiency, every time that we needed to add some special development on the platform. Look forward to working with them in our Health Training Project.

Website: www.unidadeditorial.es



Jürgen Rübig

Chief Executive Officer

Nürnberg, Bayern, Alemania


In March 2011, we had to find a solution for the everlasting “problem” of new employees and freelancers. How to teach them the fundamentals of our company, how WE do things, or how our customers want things to be done. Usually, the training period with new employees is a vast number of lost hours, which could be easily optimized. With the help of opensource company, we were able to find an easy-to-use solution for our knowledge management, which finally is: Chamilo. Now we are able to collect and share our experience with new employees and freelancers in just few clicks, also reducing the time we needed to explain while being unproductive ourselfes. Additionally we are able to see if an employee/freelancer is overchallenged with his job. In short: more time for major problems.

Website: www.combosa.com


Laws professional

Ivonne Falero




I first learned about Chamilo in a computer skills class at the institute where I studied to become a laws teacher. I am now a laws teacher still studying to improve myself; Thanks to this computer skills course, I discovered I enjoyed working with technologies. I create a virtual course through Chamilo and I will use it all of next year with my students. Chamilo has many tools that can be used to develop a course and that are easy to use and very clear. You only need to add a little creativity to it, and you’re good to go.


Occupational trainer

María Miguélez




I teach didactival metodology courses to improve people’s employment opportunities for those without a job. We work with Hot Potatoes and eXeLearning and I wanted to have a platform in which we could show the students’ works and in which the group could see and benefit from it, together. Thanks to a student, I discovered the Chamilo Campus and found precisely what I was looking for. Additionally to this use somewhat limited that I give to the platform, I had the chance to discover the numerous possibilities it offers, and to present it to my students as an easy to use platform, very useful to create one’s own courses on the web. Thanks for your work and for allowing us to improve our teaching with this great tool.


Mother-child department manager

David Asturizaga

Medical doctor

UMSA La Paz – Bolivia

Chamilo has been a great experience in our university classrooms. We used it as a support for in-class activities and it allowed us to build knowledge bases with the contributions of all. Chamilo gave us the possibility to implement permanent auto-evaluations, which were a great help in the teaching-learning process. In short, it resulted being a very versatile and dynamic piece of software.


Secondary College of Formosa Don Bosco-Formosa-Argentina

Antonio A. Salinas – ICT teacher

Virtual Campus Administrator



Since we launched our Chamilo portal, we had the opportunity to enjoy the world’s most intuitive and appealing virtual campus. Simple to use and administer, totally accessible pedagogically for the primary school (6-12y), from the basic cycle through superior cycle secondary school. We consider it mandatory to count on this tool as the school has the mission to teach and socialize. Using the Chamilo Campus allows us to extend teaching further than the four-walls classroom and to realize better assignments with greater production value, reaching our goal to make school present out of the normal school schedule and getting more time in the classroom to socialize and work better. This is why the Don Bosco Secondary College of the Formosa, Republic of Argentina supports and recommends to all institutions the active use of the Chamilo platform.

Website: Don Bosco Campus


Vall D´Hebron Universitary Hospital

Montserrat Martínez, Andreu de Haro

Online training platform manager for the Training, Teaching and Research unit

Barcelona, Spain


We chose Chamilo mainly for its great ease of use, its management simplicity, its technical qualities and its adaptability to our health environment. We also considered its free software license (open source) as an advantage.
Technically speaking, it matches our training needs perfectly. We wanted to bring knowledge to the highest possible number of professionals. We make extensive use of the learning paths tool’s planning capabilities, the online tests, the great support for multimedia contents, links, etc.
At this moment in time, we want to increase our use of the communication tools that are already available, like the chat, forum, personal messaging and wiki.

An important element that offered us the viability and security in the project was the technical and pedagogical support provided by Contidos Dixitais (a Chamilo official provider), with an immediate response to a complex and fast-changing institution as ours, with more than 7,000 professionals.

Website: Vall d’Hebron


Gabriel René Moreno University

Jose Moron

Teacher at UAGRM

Santa Cruz Bolivia


I feel very comfortable with this excellent free software online tool because teachers can´t afford a license because of the economic conditions. I started with Chamilo without any knowledge of computer programs but the functions in the campus appear to be made to my measure to implement my first virtual classroom. The 1st half of 2012 will be the fourth time my virtual class is made public to my mathematic students at the University Gabriel René Moreno (UAGRM) in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

Website: j-moron.blogspot.com/

Guillaume Fosset

Académie d´Aix Marseille

Guillaume Fosset

Academic Director / Chamilo Skill Group



Chamilo allows the creation and publication of documents, the centralization of artwork and learning objects, and it eases the inclusion of links to appropriate content. These resources can be distributed in several formats, such as videos, audio, and images. Access to these resources is easy for students and teachers, and they can use them for reference during the classes. Chamilo allow us to create trans-disciplinary documents easily, without the need to have a daily coordination. The possibility to access to Chamilo via Web during school hours, as well as out of school hours, makes this campus a strong link between school and home.

Website: Académie d´Aix Marseille

Yolanda Pacual

Asociación Navarra de informática municipal S.A.

Yolanda Pascual

Training Coordinator

Navarra, Spain


We are starting a virtual classroom in order to foster continuous learning and knowledge upgrading. The thing we like the most of Chamilo is the possibility to interact with our users, as well as the possibility to create a learning community where everyone can share all the information, knowledge, and ideas that are relevant for the community. For this project we have the support of CENATIC (National Reference Centre for Implementation of Open Source ICTs), an organization that has trusted on the use of this platform.

Website: www.animsa.es and www.aula-animsa.es

Paula Quintana

University of Concepción

Dr. Paula Quintana

Training Coordinator



We have been using Chamilo for a while now and we are now migrating to the version to use the videoconference. We have had a great experience with the campus; it´s easy to use and also simple to train teachers and students to use it. We can create online tests directly with Chamilo and learning paths while we work on the communication forums.

Website: www.crai.cl

Paula Quintana

Alain Deschênes, Ing.

Technologies teacher in Construction Mechanics



Chamilo is a recent project in active evolution that has the objective to revolutionalize the world of LMSes.
Versions 1.8 and 1.9 offer the advantage of having most of the features necessary for virtual teachin, integrated into its interface, although it also works great for in-classroom teaching.

Very intuitive, easy to use, offering a great number of integrated features, this tool is particularly adapted for institutions or organizations that have little human resources available for their training. It responds well to teachers’ needs. As it is, it is easy to build attractive multimedia content without worrying (too much) about compatibilities and configurations.

This online learning tool is focused on the final user and we are focused on the content. It creates a complete environment where the teacher and the user find each item with ease, matching the spirit of the web 2.0. Finally, its dynamical forum allow you to offer a support channel for active and motivated sutdents.


LMS Insurance

Chantal Marr Bed




I can’t thank you enough for developing Chamilo! In our team, we have been thinking about a way to teach new employees the processes and basics as efficiently as possible, because we acquired quite a bit of wealth in knowledge throughout the years in the business. We have asked our partners in our webdesign company whether they could help us in the process and they came up with Chamilo. The solution was quick and really easy for everyone to understand. Not only have we been able to provide our new staff with ongoing training, we were able to start a educational program for our clients, who are not usually tech-savvy. The tool is so versatile that we had no problems integrating it into our daily workflow. We love the Chat and Personal Messenger and the clean look. Chamilo really made our team members a lot more independent and efficient.

Website: http://lsminsurance.ca/


University of Cambridge International

PhD Ing Oscar Rafael Guillen Valle

Vicerrector para América Latina y el Caribe



Chamilo is a dream come true is a very easy to use platform for beginners and experts. The presentation of their tools and clarity of each allows participants to giving peace in their development and have easy access track.

Website: http://www.realmedianet.info/campus y www.ciu-edu.org

Salim Kanoun

Open Conf

Salim Kanoun, Director

Dijon, France



Chamilo has allowed me to easily create an solidarity-based online teaching platfom for French medicine students, allowing them to freely exchange their knowledge and prove their solidarity with others.

Open Conf registered around 1000 new users in about 15 days and aims for a population of 8000 medicine students per year.

Chamilo offers a simple and intuitive interface for teachers as much as for students. It allows for great freedom of administration, making it adaptable for all uses. It can also take advantage of the best other e-learning tools (Big Blue Button, Oogie…).

The dynamic team behind it offers continuous improvements while remaining attentive to their users’ opinions.

A very large thank you to Chamilo, system already quite good and with a great future.


Edgardo Alberto

Universidad Don Bosco

Edgardo Alberto Romero, Distance education director

El Salvador, Central America



I have had an ecellent experience with Chamilo since 1.9.6 at Don Bosco University in El Salvador, Central America.

I am the distance education Director here and we count more than 3.000 active students in Chamilo since we started our project back in January 2015.

We are also motivating trainings for teachers to maintain a continuous improvement of online learning.