Contributing to Chamilo

There are many ways to contribute to Chamilo. Any help is always welcome, and anyone brings what he/she can. The important part is that everyone puts his/her own grain of sand.

What can you do?

1. Become member of the association and back the project

Make yourself a part of our organization. By becoming a member, you support our mission to continue developing Chamilo 100% free and open. Download information (individual membership PDF, only in Spanish for now) or/and check the details on our website on how to become a member (members page).

2. Contribute

Participating on the forum

You can help the community by answering doubts on the Chamilo support forum and let your skills shine. Register and contribute here

Send a testimonial

If you are using Chamilo, you can share your experience with the community. Visit the testimonials page on our website, where other users and organizations explained their experiences with Chamilo. It’s a great way to make other users understand the benefits of Chamilo. Get in touch with the communication department (

Help translate Chamilo

If you’re skilled in any language not supported or only partially supported by Chamilo, help us translate tutorials, newsletters, the website or even Chamilo itself. Get in touch with the communication department (

Writer documentation/tutorials

If you are already using Chamilo actively and you believe some feature is not explained well enough or that you could explain it better, you can create your own tutorial and share it with the community. Get in touch with the communication department (

3. Contribute code

If you are a developer, your help could be particularly helpful considering one of the most important tasks to execute in Chamilo is the location and fixing of bugs. You could fix bugs, contribute new code and share your experience by reviewing the code of Chamilo. Documentation to start contributing is available here. The roadmap of all pending changes is available here