Chamilo University

What is Chamilo University?

This is an initiative of the Association to organize, maintain and validate the instruction, training and certification of the different roles that a privileged platform user can have in a learning management system from the perspective of the Association.

What services does the Chamilo University provide?

Among the most important functions of Chamilo University would be:

  • The management and granting of certificates. Maintenance and renewal of the Chamilo certifications offered at different levels.
  • To offer courses to be held in the different countries that have official instructors or certified suppliers.

Why should I get Chamilo certification?

A Chamilo University certificate provides evidence that you know the system and can operate properly. You can also get higher levels of certification, which allow you to provide your own certification course, recognized by the Chamilo Association, which can provide opportunities for professional growth in addition to increasing your income, collaboration with the Chamilo Association and the dissemination of our great platform.

What levels of certification are being offered?

The Association plans to offer three groups with different levels of certification. Groups of certification offered are:

  • Certification aimed at teachers, instructors and trainers.
  • Certification targeted at managers and staff management platform.
  • Developer certification.
  • Certification for service providers and training.

Currently we are offering only some of these certificates, but hopefully soon we will have a set of institutions and instructors who can perform corresponding certification courses for all levels.

What levels of certification are offered to teachers?

For teachers are being offered the following levels of certification:

Certified Chamilo LMS Course Builder. This level provides the basics of creating learning products using the essential tools to implement functional courses. This class lets you publish content, exercises and test management tools for communication, interaction with participants of courses and the course publishing platform.

Certified Chamilo LMS Course TeacherIn this second level course, major instructional design models are discussed and operation of all the tools in Chamilo LMS is presented. It also provides guidance on best practices for their efficient use. You will need to master the essential tools for creating courses and monitoring strategies and student support. This certification training allows students to opt for a lower level of certification. In other words, with this certification you can develop courses for your students and opt for class certification.

Certified Chamilo LMS Course SpecialistSpecialist courses require you to know and have a good level of control over all the tools offered by the Chamilo LMS platform and be able to use them in the development and implementation of blended, completely virtual, MOOCs, Sessions, classroom course learning, etc. as well as knowing how to manage and maintain the course. This level of certification training allows students to choose lower levels of certification from the Chamilo University.

How do I access certifications Chamilo University?

For the time being, to access Chamilo University certification you should contact one of our Certified Official Providers.

Need more information about Chamilo University

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