Chamilo LCMS

Chamilo LCMS connect (or Learning Content Management System) offers a closely related but alternative platform model to the Chamilo LMS. Content is published or shared from a repository. While users in Chamilo LCMS have a own repository at their disposal, it offers users also to connect to other external repositorys. It enables users to manage their content in a particularly broad and flexible way. This page will give you all the necessary resources to get started


  Click here to know more about this version. Download Chamilo LCMS Connect 4.1



Chamilo LCMS Connect is a brand new branch of the Chamilo Suite. This Chamilo flavour offers performant tools for smooth collaboration and brilliant learning. It’s modular, flexible and extensible. The basic concept is connectivity:
  • connecting with your favorite sites on your adaptable homepage
  • collaborating with peers through portfolio, messaging, sharing and feedback
  • easily connecting your content objects in a learning path on your LCMS
  • connecting bidirectionally to external repositories such as Google Docs & YouTube
  • combining learning & working : collaborative & corporate learning
  • import/export your content at the flick of a switch
Content objects are published or shared from a central repository. This new generation collaboration platform has following features:
  • Modular & flexible: choose your preferred platform applications : easy – full option
  • Courses (LMS) are a full option application embedded in powerful environment
  • Build your own homepage (PLE): choose your own blocks: messages, courses, Twitter, RSS, …
  • Each user has an own repository: store once – use many
  • Content Objects: with versioning & easy update
  • Import/export all your documents at once in your repository
  • Easy reuse of Content Objects in Learning paths, Portfolio, Assessment,…
  • Connect with people on the platform. Collaborate & communicate through (collaborative learning):
    • Sharing Content Objects on different levels across the platform: search, view, use, collaborate & copy
    • Collaborating on 1 content object
    • Personal messenger: connect with people on the platform
    • Wiki, forum
    • Sharing a portfolio
  • Connect bidirectional to external repositories: Youtube, Google Docs, Picasa, Slideshare, … and import them into your repository
  • SCORM 1.2 compatible

Info for developers

Bitbucket repository for developers: See