Chamilo 1.11

The Chamilo Association announced the release, last September, of their new major version of Chamilo LMS, coming with more than 100 new features to improve education methods. For those who never heard about Chamilo, this relatively new e-learning platform (just 5 years into the game) has been growing its community at a steady pace (already 15M users worldwide) around one concept: making e-learning easier to use for all institutions. Among the new features, we’d like to highlight what we feel could be particularly useful to teachers:
  • Moodle courses import
  • Azure AD login plugin
  • Virtualized Chamilo instances manager plugin
  • IMS/LTI integration plugin (beta version)
  • Student score re-calculation in exercises
  • Exercises option to show correct answers only on the last attempt
  • Support for IMS/QTIv1.2 import
  • Moderation of forum for group tutors
  • Global assignments report
  • More question types can be exported to SCORM 1.2
  • Links ordering
  • Skills levels management
  • Embedded badges studio (from Mozilla)
  • Geolocalization extra field type
  • …and many more
We’d also like to highlight the availability of 27 gorgeous designs from which to base your own design on. If you’d like to try the free online demo campus provided by the Chamilo Association, head on to and create a teacher account. If you prefer having your own portal to test as administrators, download the latest version from here or contact an official provider for a more customized service.  
The Chamilo Association reminds us that its role is only to create a platform for teachers to create their own courses to improve education. It does not provide courses directly (although several of its official providers do).