Certified Chamilo Course Builder

Looking for a teacher for a course on Chamilo LMS?

Chamilo Course Builder logoThe Chamilo Association and BeezNest (official provider) offer you the following directory of certified Chamilo Course Builders. Their names, score obtained, certification date and unique certification ID are shown as registered by the Chamilo Association. This listing is ordered from major to minor score. Students get certified by approving the online exam managed by the Chamilo Association, or the online course provided by BeezNest (only options at this time). The Chamilo Association considers a student reaches the requirements of the “Chamilo Course Builder” certification if (s)he satisfies the following criteria: Minimum score: 74% (max 100%)
  • Certification name: Certified Chamilo Course Builder
  • Code: CHACOBU
  • Profile: Teacher/Trainer
  • Level: Basic
  • Certifying company: BeezNest (Official provider). More to come once the level 2 certifications are mainstreamed.
For more information, or to contact one of them, please write us an e-mail at info(at)beeznest(dot)com

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